XP Electric Theme

XP Electric Theme (S60 3rd) 1.0

Cool XP theme for your phone


  • Cool graphic treatment of the XP logo
  • Some nice icons and interface styling


  • Mac fans may suffer an allergic reaction


As far as operating systems go, I would rank XP as one of the all-time classics. This XP Electric Theme celebrates Microsoft's now defunct OS with an interesting new twist on its logo.

While traditionally, the Windows XP branding conjured up images of fluffy clouds and bunnies jumping through rainbows, the XP Electric Theme gives the styling a darker, edgier feel. The main background wallpaper consists of a blackened image of the XP logo being shocked with electricity. It's a very striking picture, and one that allows text and logos to be viewed in front of it very clearly.

The black, blue and gray color scheme runs throughout the XP Electric Theme and the logos, clock and menu bars all match pretty well with each other.

XP may be getting a little old-hat now, but the XP Electric Theme injects fresh energy into the logo.

XP Electric Theme


XP Electric Theme (S60 3rd) 1.0

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